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Skyverse Academician(expert) Workstation established

Source:暂无    Time:2018-01-23    The number of clicks:2248

     Skyverse Academician(expert) Workstation has been established by Shenzhen science and Technology Association in 2017, and became the first Shenzhen Academician (Expert) workstation. The workstation is co-constructed by Skyverse and Liu Wenqing from China's Academy of Engineering.


       The workstation has established cooperative relations with expert Liu Wenqing from China's Academy of Engineering. Through scientific and technological cooperation and joint research with experts and academicians, it has led to the growth of a group of scientific and technological talents in the industry that enhanced the technical force and core competence of the company. The workstation provides full play to the technical guidance of academician experts., helping enterprises to cultivate science and technology innovation teams and gather resources, as well as to break through key technical constraints and promote closer cooperation between industry and universities. The technique of wide spectrum signal analysis and detection has been researched by the workstation and applied on the development of Skyverse’s Gauge Tool For 3D packaging, wafer thin film thickness measurement and wafer surface tomography measurement.