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      Beijing R&D center is equipped with nanoscale inspection facilities, including a 300 square meters thousand-class clean room and 20 square meters hundred-class clean room for nanometer particle testing, as well as 350 nm, 532 nm, and 633 nm lasers and optical signal detection system, Atomic Force Microscopy, Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, Ellipsometer, Step Profiler, Optical Profiler, Fourier Infrared Spectrometer, Spin Coater, Ultrasonic Cleaners, high density plasma etcher, X-ray diffractometer, bonding machine, film thickness measuring instrument.
    In addition, relying on the Public Technology Service Platform of the Chinese academy of sciences Institute of microelectronics, a range of equipment is accessible, such as Scanning Electron Microscope , UV Exposure Machine , Electron Beam Exposure Machine, sputter and etching system.
     The R&D team has 26 members whose specialties cover optics, electronics, mechanics and software, including 7 people with doctor degree, 10 people with master degree, 1 research fellow, 1 professor, 4 associate research fellows, 3 assistant research fellows, 4 research assistants and 7 engineers.